Large area synthesis of 2DMoS2 structures

Large area synthesis of 2DMoS2 structures for low power and fast NO2 Gas Sensor

The major objective of this proposal is to develop a CVD grown 2D MoS2 thin film based NO2 gas sensor that operates at room temperature.

The specific objectives of the proposal are:

  • Develop a CVD process for fabrication of thin layer 2D MoS2 based conductometric NO2 gas sensor at room temperature.
  • Investigate the stability of the developed MoS2 thin films on SiO2 substrate in air ambeint.
  • Characterize the sensor for its response in terms of sensitivity (relative response), and calculate the response and recovery time for different concentration of NO2 gas.

Evaluate the reversibility and selectivity (against many other toxic and combustible gases) characteristics of the sensors at room temperature