Preparing Your Proposal

Project Proposal

The PI will prepare project proposal in conformity with:

(1)  Designation and emoluments rates for Project Staff Members, commensurate with the qualification and experience specified by the funding agency or the Institute;

(2)  Provision for Institute Overhead Charges as per the norms of the Institute;

(3)  Other guidelines issued by the funding agency; and

(4)  Applicable Rules, Regulations & Statutes of the Institute.


While making an estimate of the funds required for a project, the PI should consider the following budgets heads:

(1) Salaries of Project Staff Members and Project-funded Ph.D. students;

(2) Equipment;

(3) Consumables;

(4) Contingency;

(5) Travel (Domestic, and International, if permitted);

(6) Institute Overhead; and

(7) Others Expenditures (if any).