SEED Grant

Seed Grant Projects Guidelines

The Institute supports newly joined young Faculty Members for initiating their research work immediately on joining, with a sum of Rs. 25 Lakhs for Faculty Members.

(1)  The new Faculty Member shall submit a Seed Grant Proposal to Office of R&D within 02 years from the date of joining the Institute;

(2)  The new Faculty Member will present the proposal the Seed Grant Proposal Review Committee consisting of:

(a)  Director;

(b)  Deputy Director;

(c)  Dean (Faculty);

(d) Dean (R&D);

(e)  Heads/Professors-in-Charge of all Departments; and

(f)  Chairman, Center for Advanced Scientific Equipment.

(3)  All Faculty Members, especially those in the domain of the proposal, are invited to the presentation and encouraged to help the Faculty Member improve the proposal;

(4)  If the proposal is accepted in principle, suggestions made by the Seed Grant Proposal Review Committee should be incorporated and the revised proposal submitted by the Faculty Member to the Office of R&D. On receiving the revised proposal, Dean (R&D) may recommend to the Director for approval of the funds for starting the Seed Grant Project; and

(5)  After the approval is accorded by the Director, a Seed Grant Project account will be opened by the Office of R&D, clearly stating the budget utilization under different heads, such as equipment, consumables and other necessary sections. The expenditure towards consumable and contingency shall not exceed 25% of the amount granted. No furniture items shall be purchased from the seed grant; the same will be provided by the Institute. No appointment shall be made of Project Staff Members in this Project. Purchase of 1 Laptop/PC and 1 Printer of combined budget of maximum 1.5 lacs is admissible from SEED Grant Projects.

(6) The PI of the Seed Grant Project shall mandatorily submit the Annual Report of the progress made in the project.

(7)  The duration of seed grant project will be for 3 years from the date of approval by the Director. It is the responsibility of the PI to close the project immediately after 03 years. At the time of closing, the PI shall submit a detailed Technical Project Report to the Institute, and give a public Seminar at the Institute on the same.