Faculty Members may offer technical consultancy services to governments, industries and private individuals, based on their competence, acting as PI of the project. These projects should provide challenges to and befit the professional competence of the Faculty Member, failing which the Institute reserves the right to decline the permission to undertake the project. Further, the Institute shall in no way be responsible for any loss or negative consequence that may arise out of the deliverables of Consultancy Projects undertaken by the PI. And, the PI is advised to write clear agreements with the funding agencies to limit their own liability. Further:

(1)  The Institute Overhead in Consultancy Projects shall be 30% of the amount A being charged as the fee. This amount A does not include the GST, which for Consultancy Projects shall be as per the rates prevalent and decided by the Government of India;

(2)  The total fee of the project should be paid by the funding agency to the Institute before the commencement of the work. All payment made by the funding agency for consultancy projects shall be routed only through the Institute, i.e.,whenever payments are received, they should be received by the Institute and not by the individual Faculty Member. The Institute will do the needful to comply with the statutory laws (e.g., GFR 2017), and then release the honorarium to the Faculty Members and Staff Members as applicable. The expenditure and disbursements shall be made as per the Institute norms.

(3)  Once a Consultancy Project is approved by the funding agency and the funds are received at the Institute, a new project account will be opened in the Office of R&D. Each proposal must contain a clear statement of the honorarium or consultancy fee to be paid to the hired consultants, if any. If this is not written in the proposal, no consultant can be hired. 

(4)  A Completion Certificate should be obtained from the funding agency after successful completion of the project. Based on this,

(a)  PIs and others involved can be paid the honorarium or consultancy fee. The total honorarium paid to the Faculty Members and Staff Members of the Institute shall not exceed two-thirds of the Consultancy Fee A charged to the agency (Total Fee Received from the funding agency minus the GST); and

(b)  Project will be closed.

(5)  After the completion of the project, a final report should be submitted to the funding agency with a copy to Office of R&D for record.

(6)  Any amount payable as honorarium to the Faculty Member from the funds of the project may be transferred to PDA of the PI.

(7)  A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), if required, should be signed a priori between the PI and funding agency. Also, the IPs and Patents generated during the project should be shared by the funding agency and the Institute. The proposals shall clarify on this. In the absence of such a clarification, guidelines developed by the Institute shall be binding on both the parties.

(8)  The fund received may be used to cover the expenses related the site visit, meetings outside the Institute and participation in conferences within India or abroad. There is no restriction from the Institute on travel by air or taxi on grounds of entitlement. Actual boarding and lodging expenses will be paid on production of payment receipt, as per the Institute norms.

(9)  The time spent by the PI on all consultancy projects together should be limited to one day per week, on an average. Absence of PI in regular activities on campus,owing to the Consultancy Project, should be limited to 30 days in a year, but not exceeding 7 working days during the class days of the semester. Sufficient caution needs to be exercised by the Faculty Member and the associated Head/Professor-in-Charge of the Department, and ensure that consultancy project does not interfere with the normal duties of the Faculty Member.

(10)Thecalculation of Overhead from Consultancy Project shall be as per Table 3.The utilisation of Overheads Ccollected from Consultancy Projects shall be as per Table 4.

Table 3: Calculation of Institute Overhead off theTotal Consultancy Fee charged





Amount of Consultancy Fee Charged after deducting GST



Goods and Service Tax as applicable

(-)  B


Institute Overhead (as per norms)

(-)  C



(-)  D

Balance for payment to persons involved

A – (B + C + D)

Table 4: Utilisation of Institute Overheads collected from Consultancy Projects


Units of the Institute to which Credited



Total Institute Overhead received



Institute Overhead Account



R&D Overhead Account



IPR Processing Fund



Professional Development Account (PDA) of PI Faculty Member



Professional Development Account (PDA) of Co-PI Faculty Member, if any