1. Individual or a group of Faculty Members of the Institute can write research project proposals to seek competitive grants from extra-mural research funding agencies in India or abroad. Faculty Members may approach various national (e.g.,DST, DBT, CSIR, BRNS, ARDB, DRDO and ISRO) or international (e.g., bilateral government agencies, such as Indo-Japan, Indo-UK, Indo-Italian and Indo-Russian agencies) funding agencies and industries for a sponsored research project. The PI will adhere to the funding agency norms alongside complying with the Institute term and conditions. Also, some funding agencies may provide grants for writing books, preparing films, and creating teaching-learning resources. Such projects shall be treated also as Sponsored Research Projects.
  1. In specific instances, the Office of R&D will administer the Multi-Institute Collaborative Projects, which are projects seeking fund from a funding agency simultaneously for more than one Institute (including IIT Jodhpur). The project proposal should bifurcate clearly the money requested from the funding agency for Institute and for the other Institute(s). The PI should obtain a separate approval of the Director before seeking such internal financial support from external agencies.
  1. Sponsored research project proposals may be submitted as per the format of the respective funding agencies. Generally, these formats are available on the websites of the agencies. The following points should be considered while writing the proposal:

(i)   The Institute Overhead shall be 20% of the total grant being sought from the agency. Any departure from the above should be duly notified to and approval sought from the Director before sending such a proposal. In special cases, on the recommendation of the Dean (R&D), the Director may accord partial waiver of the Institute Overheads, based on the facts and circumstances of the conditions; and

(ii)  The calculation of Institute Overhead shall be as per Table 1 for Sponsored Research Projects.The Overhead so collected will be utilised as per Table 2.

Table1: Calculation of Institute Overhead off theTotal Project Cost












Institute Overhead


Total Project Cost 


Table 2: Utilisation of Institute Overheads collected from Sponsored Research Projects


Accounts at the Institute



Total Overhead received



Institute Overhead Account



R&D Overhead Account



IPR Processing Fund



Professional Development Account (PDA) of PI Faculty Member



Professional Development Account (PDA) of Co-PI Faculty Member, if any


(4)  The government funding agencies (like DST, DBT, CSIR, BRNS, ARDB, DRDO and ISRO) have their own overhead norms. In those cases, the Institute Overhead will be charged as per the norms of government funding agency. No overhead will be charged from any project funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.

(5)  Endorsement Certificate shall be printed on Institute letterhead and signed by the Director, based on the recommendation of the PI and Dean (R&D).

(6)  Both soft and hard copies of the proposal shall be submitted to Office of R&D for records, before sending the same to the funding agencies.

(7)  The research project proposal must contain a clear statement of yearly expenditure under different heads. This proposed scheduled expenditure and manpower mentioned in proposal shall be adhered to by the PI. Any deviation from the stated head needs prior approval of sponsoring agency. In case, where the funding agency revises the budget under the different heads, the budget shall be binding under different heads as approved by the funding agency.

(8)  The gains of the IPs and Patents generated from the sponsored project will be shared between the funding agency and IIT Jodhpur; this should be stated in the proposal. In the absence of such clarity, the IP Policy of IIT Jodhpur shall be binding on both the parties.

            When a project proposal is approved by the funding agency, a new project account shall be opened with the Office of R&D for its operation and monitoring. Further:

(1)  Utilization Certificate should be submitted by PI on time to the funding agency.

(2)  After completion of the project, Final Technical Report should be submitted to the funding agency, and a copy of the same submitted for record to the Office of R&D;

(3)  After submission of the Final Technical Report, a Completion Certificate should be obtained from the funding agency for successful completion of the project, and based on this certificate, the project account will be closed at the Institute after settlement of all the committed expenditures;

(4)  After final notification of closure from the funding agency, assets generated from the project, shall be audited by the Office of Store & Purchase. The asset transfer, if any, will be facilitated by the Office of R&D;

(5)  No honorarium or consultation fee can be charged from the sponsored research projects. This fact shall be clearly stated in project proposal, approved and sanctioned by the funding agency.Nominal payment to be made to individuals outside the Institute to manufacture a product for research project shall be treated as an exception.

(6)  Normally, the Institute will neither charge any interest from the funding agencies in case of any delay in the reimbursement of expenditure or transfer of the funds from the funding agency towards the execution of the project, nor pay any interest, if earned, on the unspent grant received. In exceptional cases, this shall be treated as per Clause 2.1(c).