Dean, Research & Development

Prof. Surajit Ghosh

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

NH 65 Nagaur Road
Karwar 342037

Phone: (91 291) 280 1026



Dean's Message

IIT Jodhpur is committed to promote fundamental and applied research in Engineering, Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. IIT Jodhpur has framed its academic and research programmes with an inter-disciplinary orientation for meeting the current challenges in science and technology. IIT jodhpur aims to be known as a preferred destination for cutting edge basic research and innovative technology development. The institute is involved in a number of prestigious national and international research programmes.

Our recent achievements include: (i) highly sensitive device/sensor to detect cadmium, lead and hydrogen; (ii) catalytic converter for automobiles using Rajasthani clay; (iii) filter for drinking water treatment and its use for chemical free agriculture; (iv) development of biofuel; (v) development of therapeutic leads, markers for neurodegenerative disease and brain cancer as well as discovering fundamental insights of disease; (vi) estimation of brain connectivity through neural network based machine learning; (vii) paper based high performance transistors; (viii) development of biometric inspired security framework for medical images.

IIT Jodhpur has created an excellent academic as well as scientific ecosystem leading to a vibrant research community on campus. IIT Jodhpur is committed to work in collaboration with other academic institutions, research labs and industry to contribute towards growth and prosperity of Jodhpur, Rajasthan and the country.